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ConsultAndes is constantly on the look-out for partners to help us better serve our clients. We are a member of Ketchum's network of international affiliates. In addition, we work closely with several regional firms specializing in communications.

We joined Ketchum's network in 2001. Ketchum, a member of the Diversified Agency Services (DAS) division of Omnicom, is a global leader in the fields of Public Relations and Communications. With offices in all major Latin American markets, this network enables ConsultAndes to coordinate highly effective and efficient services for clients across the region. At the same time, Ketchum's global network of experts in many communications disciplines enables us to tap into necessary know-how that we do not possess within ConsultAndes.

The Ketchum relationship is far more than a client-referral partnership. ConsultAndes is continuously working with Ketchum and its affiliates to improve the quality and expand the spectrum of our client-services offerings. We also are exploring other ways of leveraging our relationships within the DAS family of companies and, through them, offering additional benefits to our clients.

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We have an agreement with Estudio de Comunicación of Spain, a public relations company founded in 1983, which has offices in Spain, Portugal, Argentina, and Chile, as well as a network of associated companies around the world. Estudio de Comunicación specialize in Media Relations and advising the Communication Departments of companies.

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"We needed a professional firm to handle a major client crisis in Peru. Working in partnership with ConsultAndes, we exceeded our client's expectations. ConsultAndes has gone on to become a key advisor to this client and an important member of our regional affiliate network."
Ruben Aguilar
Vice President/Director Latin America, Ketchum

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